Hi guys its Kristina and today I am going to be talking about my blog.

Honestly I think I really love my post I love writing new things and also inventing stories. On my post I mostly love to write about things that I have seen or places I have been to. I love my blog to be colorful and I love it to also have passion. If you guys like or love my blog please leave your answer in the comment section. anyways lets continue.

I think from the past months and weeks  I have really improved my writing and creativity because I really wasn’t creative in my writing and I was horrible at making sens in stories. But know I am ten times better and I have more creativity in my writing. My stories have become more interesting and I made a lot more sense and that is the cause of Miss Theriault. Mikeep-calm-because-its-the-end-2ss Theriault has taught me so much and know for once I am proud of my posts.

And this is a message for the future bloggers in grade 5.

The post should have color or some nice things so that it grabs more peoples attention. Also you should use creative writing so that it is less boring for the people that are reading the wonderful post that you have worked on. I hope that you future bloggers have many comments and I hope they are nice comments.

My blog will stay the way it is after the post that i will be posting about my end of my blog.  Maybe sometimes I will  be making more posts and maybe next year I will visit yours.

my favorite post that I  have written was about  was actually a story I made about a horse and because I love writing stories and someday i might want to be a writer. But that isn’t my only favorite post that I made. my second favorite post was writing about the tornado in Oklahoma. the reason why is because I love telling the world about life and what happens in other places than their countries. While I was writing that post I felt like I was part of the news program. i also thought i was the weather woman.

One of my unliked posts was the zoom out post because it was boring and there was only one sentence which was once upon a time and it had a pink flower as a picture.

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Quotation-Bill-Cosby-In-order-to-succeed-your-desire-for-success-should-be-6-51-54[1] A successful person, is a person that has accomplished many things, for example:

A person made an invention and finally made it work after a “few” tries.

 To me I think that success means that when a person tries but then fails, they try again they fail, but then the 3rd time they finally got it. They accomplished something. Or it can be the invention example I just gave you in the beginning. I think that some qualities of a successful person can be an accomplishing person and a very smart person. The person that I think that is the most successful person in my class is Hayley because she is very successful. When we were in gym for high jump there is the really high jump and she was concentrating to the max and then got it!



DdB82537_400x400[1]Hi guys its Kristina and today I am going to be talking about my favorite Quebec show.

my favorite show is LaVoix because it has a lot of singing but basically the whole entire show is signing.  Last week on LaVoix the entrance singer was DNCE and they sang there new song called Cake by the ocean. I love that song it has a great beat to it.

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I hope you enjoyed



A little girl named Sydney who lived in the country with her dad. She had a best friend named Black light. Black light is a beautiful black horse. The horse loved running.

Sydney loved riding her horse and taking walks with her. But one night, a few minutes after dawn, Sydney heard a scream coming from were Black light was. She rushed down the stairs and put her jacket and Billy boots. The minute she walked outside, a little girl was being hooved by Black light. Sydney ran as fast as she could to save the girl. Sydney calmed down Black light and polled the girl out of his territory. From the moment Sydney looked at that girl she started to get visions. Continue reading

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